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In my work with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, I focus on adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction, though I've also worked on graphic novels, nonfiction proposals, and TV scripts. Check out their website for some examples of the types of projects I work on.


Born of Ash

Born of Ash series Book One: Fallen Empire Book Two: Infinity Control Book Three: coming soon


Every Writer’s Dream

Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer series Book One: Stiger’s Tigers Book Two: The Tiger Book Three: The Tiger’s Fate Book Four: The Tiger’s Time Book Five: The Tiger’s Wrath Book Six: The Tiger’s Imperium Book Seven: The Tiger's Fight Book Eight: Coming soon

Ladybug House

Volunteer editor for Ladybug House, Seattle's first palliative care home for children, adolescents, and young adults

Tales of the Seventh

Tales of the Seventh series Book One: Stiger Book Two: Fort Covenant Book Three: A Dark Foretoken Book Four: coming soon

A Ranger's Tale

A Ranger's Tale series Book One: Eli Book Two: coming soon

The Way of the Legend

The Way of the Legend series Book One: Reclaiming Honor Book Two: Forging Destiny Book Three: Paladin's Light

The Karus Saga series

Book One: Lost Legio IX Book Two: Fortress of Radiance Book Three: The First Compact Book Four: coming soon

Sporcle calendar

Sporcle 2018 page-a-day calendar

Samantha Jamison Mystery

Samantha Jamison Mystery series Book 1: The Puzzle Book 2: Without Any Warning Book 3: 86 Avenue du Goulet Book 11: Diamonds Are Not a Girl's Best Friend Book 12: Write Yourself Out of This One

Caché, Caché

Caché, Caché

Labyrinth Literary Journal

Labyrinth Literary Journal

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